1. Will the puppies be kennel club Registered?
    Yes they are, they will leave with their own K.C REG paperwork, including their own unique pedigree name.

  2. Can you see mum and dad of puppies?
    Both parents can be viewed at any time upon request.

  3. What age are they able to leave?
    As a licenced breeder NO puppy is allowed to leave under 8wks of age.

  4. What tests have been done on parents i.e hip score, eyes etc?
    All our breeding bitches and stud dogs have been hip, elbow and eye tested as a minimum. Eyes are tested every year.  Other bitches/dogs have had further tests depending on age of dog. More info about tests can be found on each of the stud dogs profile.

  5. What socialising has been done to the puppy and where have they been raised (are they used to household noises, handled by people and used to other dogs?
    Our puppies we breed  tend to be either inside our family home or in our specially designed whelping building. Once puppies are moving around we tend to start to introduce noises and different surrounds. They are handled daily and are socialized within our household.

  6. Have puppies received any worming treatment?
    We will give puppies a dose of worming treatment when they are 2,5 & 8wks of age. 

  7. Will puppies be vet checked?
    Yes our vet will give them a full health check and will report any findings. We advise all owners to take their new puppy to their own vets within the first 5 days If they are concerned about anything. If your veterinary surgeon finds any problem which in his opinion renders the puppy unfit for sale, we will take the puppy back and refund the purchase price in full on condition that the puppy is in the same state of health as when was sold.

  8. How many times are they being fed and will they leave with any food (will I get a diet sheet to tell me about amount and times)?
    At the age of 6-7wks the puppies are not dependent on the mother this means the mum isn’t feeding them. At the age of 4wks puppies are introduced to puppy food as they get older the meal and proportion amount increases. By the age of 8wks they will be having 4 meals a day. All this info will be given to any new owners.

  9. Do they come with any insurance and if so who and how long?
    The Kennel Club offer a great health insurance cover, so all puppies will leave with 5wks insurance with them.

  10. What paperwork comes with the dog i.e. K.C papers, contract of sale, micro-chip certificate, diet sheet, worming?
    When puppies are ready to leave they will have their very own folder containing their unique K.C paperwork, five generation pedigree, contract of sale, diet sheet and a worming program.

  11. Toilet trained?
    Puppies will be partly toilet trained, they have been going on newspaper since they could walk around. The rest of the training is down to the new owners so take out into garden.

  12. How long can you take them out for i.e exercise?
    To reduce the risk of over exercising the young puppy we advise you to only allow puppy 10mins of lead walk a day till they are about 6mths, then increase to about 20mins after that. Once they are a year of age you can increase length of time even more. Just remember that how you treat the dog when a puppy will affect its health later in life.

  13.  Do you require a deposit?
    We ask for a non-refundable deposit which will secure your chosen puppy. The final amount is required when collecting the    puppy.